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LeCoutre (fourth watch from left)
Gents 1960s 14 ct watch with Shark edge bezel. case, movement and dial fully marked.   
Price:  US$475.00  

This watch designed in the early  1960s was made by LeCoutre (as well as Vacheron & Constantin) and is exceptionally collectable because of the shark-edge bezel

HUGENIN (Item # watch2)
Gents size 1950s/60s Huguenin 18ct rose gold ultra thin design with wrist hugging lugs SOLD
Price:  US$650.00  

World War 1 Military Single button Chrono Watch (Item # watch3)
Early large gents size Porcelain dial, sterling silver with military inscription on back.   (please await update on picture when the watch comes in from consignor)
Price:  US$2500.00  

Group of 1930s / 1940s solid gold square-form
1930s Asprey square 9ct solid gold US$425  SOLD
Late 1930s cushion form 9ct Election US$395
1930s Kendall & Dent 9ct solid gold rectangular US$300
Early 1940s Gruen Curvex gold filled U$175  SOLD
1940s Hamilton Gold filled square US$145 SOLD
1940s generic 9ct noname US$200 (not a Hamilton)
1930s 9 ct solid gold square US$125

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