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Sales Pitch, pen supplies (details)
O.K. I'll come clean with you: There is nothing new specifically today in the world of vintage collectables on this site. But check back at some unspecified time in the future and see how this site has been added to, which items have been added to the for sale lists, whether I have managed to get more photos of watches or classic cars yet etcetcetc.

On the supplies front, I do have No:16 size white or black sacks and original size cork washers manufactured by the original makers for the Watermans Pen Co.

These washers are specially impregnated and fit all Watermans safety pens from No:2 up to No:6 safeties: They also fit the Watermans-based Italian safeties which have the same mechanism as those pens: the Italian pens almost always come in No:2 size. I suspect that in common with the french ones (often No:2 or No:4) and the English ones (usually No:2) the mechanisms were generally made in the U.S.

They might fit some of the other Italian safeties as well if the sizes are similar, as the cork gets very squashed-up in the fitting.

I have never managed to get them to fit MontBlanc safeties.

The repair is very tricky as it is difficult to get the turning piece to fit flush with the barrel-extension, but the pen holds ink and writes so well that users find the trouble worth it.

These washers also fit the Moore safety pens, both the old style and the "improved" style. This repair is one of the easiest in the business, -possibly even easier than a sack replacement. Afterwards the interior retracts very well and tightly, and the pen should write well. The Moore nibs are often amongst the most flexible of all nibs. (The design seems to have lasted about 20 years and nobody today seems to know precisely how the nib collar can fit into the interior of the barrel so that it does not leak, so don't be too worried if yours doesn't write perfectly). Repairers have experimented with silicon-rubber paste around the collar so that it fits better, and the secret might well be replacing the collar when it gets out of round; try it and see how many of yours leak and how many don't. If you can figure out why I would be glad to know.

I also have original-size, original-manufacture Onoto cork washers, 2 of which go into the top of the barrel. However this repair is somewhat problematic as the rubber washer which fits on the piston is what generally goes when these pens don't fill. Not much can be done with those washers which should be dish shaped and have a slightly increased thickness around the centre to stop them coming off the piston with repeated use.

(Try Fr. Terry Koch's two-washer arrangement to replace the original washers; Steve Hull has the original formas which came from the Factory after DeLaRue shut up shop, but he won't sell anyone his washers).

The white sacks which I have been selling for about ten years are US$1 each in small quantities, going down all the away to 50c each for quantities of more than 1000. At the moment I only have size 16, which fit most standard size pens from the Snorkel up to the Watermans size 55. I have fit them to a 56 but don't necessarily recommend this.

The concept is that the white sacks won't discolour the inside of the barrel as the black ones seem to (assuming you believe that the fumes coming off the rubber over the years is what causes the discolouration of the inside of the barrel).
I am trying (unsuccessfully) to get size the size 20 made for the larger pens.

The corks are similarly priced, although I send somewhat more than ordered to cover breakages.

The FOUNTAIN PEN books are also available at $32.50 to cover postage and mailing within the U.S. or the U.K. I include a correction sheet and, until I get too many orders, will sign each copy individually. I have uploaded the correction sheet to the CompuServe collectables Forum In the interim please note some ground rules relating to this site
1. I am only too happy to negotiate with anyone seriously interested in purchasing anything which may from time to time be for sale on this site.

2. I am also happy to perform any valuation you may require for a valuation fee of one and a half percent of the value of any item so valued.

3. For this purpose I will of course be maintaining lists of all people who have requested prices on any pen but who have not seriously attempted to negotiate a purchase thereafter.

In the event that you find e-mail not being returned, I crave your indulgence but would respectfully request you to ascertain if there might be any possible reason why you might be in a list of persons to whom I do not necessarily return e-mail.

But please do not think that merely because I do not return e-mail therefore you have somehow found your way into my crackpot file or that you figure amongst my burgeoning list of crooks with whom I would prefer to avoid conversing, -whether in cyber-space or otherwise

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