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Conway Stewart, Le Tigré, Wyvern, Dickinson, Valentine, Katab, National Security, Summit, Mallet, Stylomine, Gold Starry, Lamy (called Artus or Orthos), Geha, Luxor, Grief, Blackbird, Swallow, Mentmore, Tibaldi, Matador, Jif-Watermans, Salz (and Peter Pan), Bayard, Edacoto, Reform, Stædtler-Mars, Post, Postal, Mackinnon, McNiven & Cameron, Rexall, Century, Good Service Pen Company or Lincoln or National Pen Company of Chicago, or later A. A. Watermans etc, Stephens , The Jewel Pen Company, Eclipse, Gold Bond, Diamond Point, Diamond Medal, Williamson (of Janesville, Wisconsin)

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